What are Real Estate Agents Seeking in a Title Company?

What are Real Estate Agents Seeking in a Title Company?

Real estate agents rely heavily on title companies for many reasons. They may be juggling several clients and closings on any given day, so they don’t have a lot of free time. When a real estate agent calls a title company for real-time information, they expect the company to be readily available, provide the information needed quickly, offer transparent communication, and be timely and convenient. With a virtual closing assistant, your title company can provide that and more. Here are the most important things real estate agents look for in a title company and how you can deliver.


Nowadays, calling over the phone isn’t as convenient as it used to be. Many busy real estate agents would prefer to send a text to get accurate information about a specific transaction quickly. With a virtual closing assistant, you can provide real estate agents with quick and accurate answers via text message. And the best part is it works 24/7, so it’s always available for your real estate agents even after business hours.

Transparent Communication

Title agents are often just as busy as real estate agents, but it doesn’t mean communication lines have to suffer as a result. Most of the time, real estate agents need file-based questions answered, like closing cost estimates, when a closing day is scheduled for, or other specific questions. Instead of putting them on hold over the phone and making them wait a few minutes while your title agents find the answers, a virtual closing assistant could have the answers available within seconds. This quick and transparent communication keeps both your title agents and real estate agents working productively and efficiently.


When a real estate agent sets expectations for a client, they expect everything to go smoothly up to that point so everything remains on schedule. They don’t have time for title companies to be running late to an appointment or to have to reschedule appointments completely. And they especially don’t have time to be on the phone with your title agents all day long to answer file-based or general questions. All documents for signature need to be delivered ahead of time to clients and real estate agents so the closing can go as planned. If your title company has struggled with meeting deadlines or if the process has been more stressful than it should be, then it may be time to look at a virtual closing assistant.

A Great Overall Experience

Overall, real estate agents want a great experience from start to finish with their title company. Many of them understand the busy schedules title agents have, but it doesn’t excuse missing deadlines or creating delays in the closing process. A great overall experience means your title company provides timely and accurate information, reduces the need for constant communication by providing information and documents ahead of time, and makes the closing day as smooth as possible. With a virtual closing assistant, your title company can make this experience a reality.

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