Alanna is the Virtual Closing Assistant for Title Companies that is smart, resourceful, and always eager to help.

"Alanna has saved me at least 320 labor hours on the redundant questions clients ask and has allowed my staff time to focus on getting to the closing table."

"There’s so much tech out there and it’s easy to get lost in it all. Alanna is different and I believe will help take our business to the next level."

" is intuitive and easy to setup with ResWare. As a bonus, I’ve never worked with anyone that responds so quickly!"

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Meet Alanna

Alanna Smart & Trainable

Smart & Trainable

Graduated top of her Virtual Assistant class. Ready to learn and answer questions 100% your way.

Alanna Fast & Accurate

Fast & Accurate

Provides fast and accurate answers to file based or general questions via Chat or Text.

Alanna Motivated & 24/7

Motivated & 24/7

Works day and night - never gets tired - never needs a break - always available.

Alanna Proactive and Mobile

Proactive & Mobile

Can send or receive SMS texts, enabling proactive requests for information.

Core Abilities

Alanna saves Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Buyers and Sellers time
by providing real-time information concerning their closing during the entire closing process.

Core Strength Texting

Simply Text

Answering questions via SMS Text or Web Chat. Delivers fast answers easily from your cell phone to hers.

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Core Strength Closing Cost Estimates

Closing Cost Estimates

 Providing a few pieces of information, she can leverage your closing system to generate buyer / seller closing cost estimates.

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Core Strength Starting New File

Online Forms

Expedite the new file process by allowing customers to submit information needed to open a new file and let Alanna get the ball rolling.

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Core Strength Secure

Providing Secure Documents

Customers can send or request documents and enjoy instant responses via a secure channel.

Core Strength Answering Questions

Answering Questions

Whether a general or file based question, she can give a simple or specific answer by accessing the closing system. for example: Who is my closer or how do I deliver my deposit money?

Core Strength Learning


Customize questions and answers the way your title company does business. She is ready to learn and respond 100% your way.

Benefits to Title Companies

Allows closers to focus on complex tasks and reduce simple document requests or file status questions.

Always available. Provides quick answers to file based questions 24x7x365.

Enables better customer care while not increasing the number of staff.

Better visibility into conversations otherwise hidden on personal devices.

Reduce phone calls. Alanna gives dedicated fast responses to common questions.

Competitive edge by providing a unique service. Reduced frustrations = happier customers.

Enhanced communications with customers who need the extra help.


Alanna Top Three Simple


Alanna Top Three Secure


Alanna Top Three Painless

Alanna is Here to Help

In the past, when the end of the month comes around - everyone scrambles - and most title companies could use 3 or 4 extra Closers to answer business critical questions. Alanna is here to help, by offloading easy questions and let your Closers focus on what matters most.