Alanna is an AI-powered virtual Closing Assistant for Title Companies!

She is intelligent, resourceful, and always eager to help.

Meet Alanna

The Ultimate Employee

You won’t find a more versatile “employee” than Alanna!

Alanna Top Three Simple

Client service: Answers general and file specific questions 24/7/365 for Resware, SoftPro, and RamQuest,

Alanna Top Three Simple

Order Entry: Opens new orders in Resware title software production system, 24/7.

Alanna Top Three Simple

Closing: Creates buyer closing cost estimates and seller net sheets 24/7 (ResWare Only)

Alanna Top Three Simple

Processing: Collects and processes seller/buyer information via Alanna Smart Forms.

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Support: Proactively sends text messages and emails to all parties to the transaction.

Alanna Top Three Simple

Sales: Empowers mass text message marketing campaigns for post-closing marketing, client retention and new business.

Alanna Top Three Simple

Marketing: Acts as your brand ambassador, walking consumers through the title process.

"Alanna has saved me at least 320 labor hours on the redundant questions clients ask and has allowed my staff time to focus on getting to the closing table."

"There’s so much tech out there and it’s easy to get lost in it all. Alanna is different and I believe will help take our business to the next level."

" is intuitive and easy to setup with ResWare. As a bonus, I’ve never worked with anyone that responds so quickly!"

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"My favorite features are the texts that go out upon file creation and when closing is scheduled.  I also love being able to text from the portal."

Amanda Kimura

Managing Escrow Officer
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"Alanna has been a successful tool when trying to effectively communicate with our clients. It is fast, efficient and I use it on a daily basis. Our clients also seem to appreciate the faster response times and limited contact required. Thank you Alanna!"

Nikki Pease

Escrow Officer
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"I love Alanna/Hey Apex!.  It saves so much time on the phone.  Leaving voice messages, then waiting minutes or even hours for a return call.  I can send a quick message and normally get a response within a couple minutes. Our clients love the convenience of being able to text their questions and getting a response quickly."

Tammy Trammell

Escrow Assistant

Speaking of customer service, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Penne, Tammy, and Rayce.  They are professional, friendly, and always on top of things.  The implementation process to get Oly up and running was superb.  We were amazed by how often a request from us to change the way Oly might answer a question or send an outbound message was handled by your development team while we were on the call, in real time.  Given all the regional nuances in how real estate transactions are handled, it's a monumental task to create a service like Alanna that can work nationwide.  I'm thrilled with the response Oly has received so far and I look forward to a long partnership with

Maureen Pfaff

President / CEO Olympic Peninsula Title

Core Features

Alanna takes on the routine, but important, conversations title agencies
have with REALTORS, buyers and sellers every day, improving response time and
freeing staff for more complex production or client service tasks.

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Answer Time Sensitive and File Based Questions.

Text Alanna to get answers quickly and easily.

Provide fast and accurate answers to file-based or general questions via text message. Proactively send out text messages based on file changes. Manually text customers from the Alanna Agent App.

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Quick and Easy Closing Cost Estimates

Delivered in seconds.

Providing a few pieces of information from your mobile device, Alanna can leverage your closing system to generate buyer/seller closing cost estimates. Estimates are sent directly to your customers as a shareable PDF file.

Alanna Cost Estimates Ability
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Eliminate Manual Data Entry 

Digitally transform how you do business.

Alanna can smoothly gather information from realtors, buyers and sellers online (and on-the-go). No need to email, print then scan or fax. Online Forms are Fast Easy and Seamless.

Alanna Online Forms Ability

"We have had over 10,000 automated conversations with realtors, loan officers, buyers and sellers in the past 60 days. Alanna has saved me at least 320 labor hours on the redundant questions clients ask and has allowed my staff time to focus on getting to the closing table. From push notifications, cost estimates and document retrieval, there is nothing else like it in the industry. Your clients will love it, your staff will love it and your bottom line will love it too."

Damon Bedell

Apex Title and Closing Services

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