Overcoming Call Reluctance with your Real Estate Clients

Overcoming call reluctance with your real estate clients - Alanna

Title agents who enjoy long-term stability and success do so not because they are any more skilled than the agency down the road, but because they see the big picture and believe wholeheartedly that they have a vital role to play in the transfer of real estate.

Because they hold this belief, they act on it in ways that other agents, who may be less confident in their role, do not.

One way in which this is true is when it comes to call reluctance. Call reluctance is a hesitancy to contact someone due to ego concerns that manifest themselves in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Thinking you may be bothering the person you are calling
  • Afraid of being judged for being disruptive or a pest
  • Insecurity about what to say to the person
  • Terrified of asking for more business as it may be perceived as begging

Call reluctance is all about self-perception. Even though that strange voice in your head is creating a hundred negative scenarios that may emerge from calling a client to ask for more business, the truth is, you have no idea what that person is thinking or needing or wanting in that moment. 

Your real estate agent needs you to manage the dozens of processes it takes to get a transaction finished and they want to know you are ready to take on the next order and the next, and the only way they can know that is if you keep in touch with them.

So, let’s flip all of that negative thinking on its head and reframe the entire exercise.

Building a new belief system

If you suffer from call reluctance, it’s time to create a new belief system that will undergird your self-assurance and that of your staff to have the confidence to reach out to customers to offer your services.

Title and settlement services ensures the strength and stability of property ownership in the U.S. brick by brick, every single time a transaction is closed and insured. Instead of thinking about your agency as merely an order taker, position yourself as the glue that holds the entire transaction together.

Title companies are alliance builders. You stand at the center of the web, building connections and links that bring the sale to a successful close while protecting property rights and shielding the transaction from fraudsters.

Real estate agents have to hire a lot of service providers to get a home sale through the transaction process. They want to know that they have a team behind them who is as interested in their clients as they are, and who is invested in their success. 

When you reach out to a potential client, don’t approach the conversation as if you are trying to sell something, but with a genuine interest in what the client is working on, or struggling with in their market. 

If you approach sales calls with the idea that you are desperate for more orders, that will come across. If instead you make the call about them and their challenges, you can effectively position yourself as a problem solver who is here to help them resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

By approaching your calls to clients with the strength of your convictions about your own worth and expertise and the fundamental worth of your agency you will infuse a sense of confidence in the communication.

Another antidote to call reluctance is to stay connected to your clients consistently so that when you do call, they know who you are and what services you provide. Alanna keeps you in front of your clients with our post-transaction marketing programs; another way to keep you top of mind. Call us today to learn more!