Asking For More Orders? Emphasize Your Value Proposition

Value Proposition - Title Industry AI

Reaching out to a previous customer who you have not heard from in a while may feel a little daunting. “What do I say? How can I convince them? What do I have to offer that is unique?”

Let’s just state the obvious. You are unique. There is no agency quite like yours. Mining that individuality just requires a little thought and a little faith in what you bring to the table. 

Here are some areas to consider when you want to present your specific value proposition to a customer.

Who do you have on staff?

Helping a customer understand the depth of your experience is an effective way to sell additional services. Your customer may have contact with the “outer office” but may not be aware of the extent of the skillset found in those talented title and escrow agents working behind the scenes.

While you may want to highlight existing talent, you can also contact a customer to inform them about a new hire that may bring additional expertise to the table, or who may open up the possibility for more effective customer service. 

“I want to introduce you to…” is a useful conversation starter as you expound upon how this individual is going to impact future transactions in a positive way.

What types of transactions can you service?

Let’s say your customer has only come to you to date with single family home transactions, but condominiums or modular homes are growing in popularity in your market. Or you learn that a current client is branching out into small commercial transactions. Contacting your customers to remind them of your wide range of experience handling a variety of transactions may open an unexpected door for new orders.

Real estate agents are always bumping into unusual circumstance, such as working with a property being sold by foreign owners, being asked to close with a power of attorney, getting caught up in a divorce situation or a short sale, or investment property with multiple owners. Emphasizing your skill and experience in any of these areas sets the stage for a real estate agent coming to you in the future if they are aware you can handle these more challenging transactions.

How does your current technology enhance the experience?

This is a big one for real estate agents. You can tell them all day long that you have great customer service, but if you spell in out in terms of the technology you use, that may be very attractive, especially if the agent is a bit of a techie. Or, if she prefers that updates come to her via SMS text, rather than through a portal or app she’ll only be using once in a while.

For instance, do you have technology that makes the transaction more secure or speeds up the processing of the file or makes it easier to exchange funds? Remember, the real estate agent wants to know they can get the deal done safely, efficiently and quickly.

Having Alanna’s technology in your back pocket may be the most important sales tool of all. From order entry and net sheets, to answering general or file-specific questions and proactively sending text messages to all parties, Alanna provides many benefits that you can use in your marketing and sales efforts. Call us today to learn more.