Now is the Time to Hire a Virtual Closing Assistant

Now is the Time to Hire a Virtual Closing Assistant

In the virtual world we live in today, companies may seem behind the times if they don’t use some sort of virtual tool. Title companies often get stuck in the same routines and processes they’ve done for many years, which can lead to closing delays, poor communication, stress for title agents, and inefficient processes. If your title company could improve in any of these areas, then now is the time to hire a virtual closing assistant. Here are the immediate benefits your company will gain.

Enjoy 24/7 Availability

Your clients aren’t always able to contact you throughout the day due to personal obligations. This means they review paperwork and think about their closing in the evening hours and wait until the next morning to contact you with questions. Since a virtual closing assistant is always available, your clients can contact your company 24/7 and have most of their questions answered immediately. This can be a huge benefit if all they have is one question to have answered before filling out their paperwork since they will be ready to go with all forms signed before meeting for the closing date.

Eliminate Some Stress From Title Agents

A title agent’s job can be stressful most of the time, especially at the end of the month or when the title company is trying to reach specific milestones. Sometimes it’s the simplest tasks that can create the most stress, mainly because it prevents them from doing other complex tasks. A virtual closing assistant can reduce phone calls, eliminate manual data entry, and streamline other tedious tasks. This helps clients and real estate agents get the answers they need quickly, while also allowing your title agents to work efficiently on other tasks without getting interrupted.

Enhance Communication With Clients And Agents

Clients often ask questions and will likely think of other follow-up questions after providing them with the original answer. With the virtual closing assistant always being available, both the initial questions and any follow-up questions can often be answered without the need to speak to a human. Having answers to simple questions quickly can help both clients and real estate agents get the necessary information to keep all the moving parts going in the same direction. Streamlined communication is critical to not only complete tasks efficiently, but also to give your title company a great reputation.

Decrease Operational Costs

Investing in virtual technology can decrease your operational costs in the long-run. You’ll no longer need a dedicated person to answer phone calls or do other tedious tasks. And since the virtual closing assistant is always available, many of the questions clients have can be answered after-hours, which would not be possible otherwise. Reducing this portion of a title agent’s workload can allow them to focus their time on tasks that can’t be completed virtually, which is better for their stress levels, your clients, and your title company’s bottom line. develops highly flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about our service. 


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