How a Virtual Closing Assistant Can Make Your Title Company Be More Productive

How a Virtual Closing Assistant Can Make Your Title Company Be More Productive

Clients and real estate agents rely on the title company to provide fast and accurate information to fill out forms and perform tasks efficiently. This can be a daily challenge for title companies, especially during the busiest times of the year when it seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day to get work completed. Instead of having title agents feel like they are spinning their wheels doing unproductive tasks, invest in a virtual closing assistant to allow them to eliminate tedious tasks and be more productive overall. Here are the benefits your title company can enjoy as a result.

Provide Simple And Quick Closing Cost Estimates

With a virtual closing assistant, clients can request closing cost estimates via text message and get an accurate answer back immediately. The virtual closing assistant will gather the information needed in a matter of seconds and reply to the client with a clean downloadable PDF file sent to them via text or email. Such a simple request like this could take title agents an hour or longer to manually look through a client’s file to find the information needed, input it into forms, create the PDF, and send it to the client. These steps are eliminated with a virtual assistant, and your client will be satisfied at the same time.

Reduce Phone Calls From Clients

Both clients and real estate agents will have questions as they are preparing for closing day. As a result, it can seem like your title company’s phone is constantly ringing and taking up valuable time your title agents could be spending on more complex tasks. A virtual closing assistant can provide fast and accurate information to clients based on their specific file or any general questions they may have. Reducing these distractions can boost the productivity of title agents significantly.

Remove Manual Data Entry

Traditional methods of working with clients sometimes involve finding information from physical client files and inputting data online to generate forms. With the time-sensitive nature of closings, every hour can be critical when closing day is approaching. Replacing manual data entry with digital processes is one of the most efficient actions a title company can take. Online forms are seamlessly integrated with your production system to help deliver a smooth closing experience for everyone involved.

Answer General Client Questions

Title companies often don’t realize how much time their title agents spend on tasks that could easily be completed virtually. These tasks include things like answering general questions, sharing documents, providing statuses to customers, generating closing cost estimates, and much more. Even if a question only takes a few minutes to answer, it could have interrupted an important job they were doing and derailed productivity at the same time. With a virtual closing assistant in place, clients can get the answers they need quickly, while title agents can be more productive with their other job responsibilities. develops innovative software for the title industry. Learn more about how we can help you succeed.


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