Can Texting Improve Client Communication in the Title Industry?

Can Texting Improve Client Communication in the Title Industry?

A problem many title companies have when working with clients and real estate agents is they often don’t reply to phone calls or emails promptly. They might be busy in other meetings and forget to call back or simply don’t check their email much throughout the day. When information is needed quickly, even a one-day delay could create a scramble to ensure everything for the closing day is in order. So what’s the solution for getting clients and real estate agents to respond to you more timely? The answer may be with sending a text message instead.

Advantages Of Immediacy When Texting

Many people are more likely to respond to a text message immediately over a phone call. A text could simply be a reminder that documents need to be signed, or you could send a link to a secure document that needs to be reviewed and approved to keep the transaction moving forward. And on the other side, clients can text your virtual closing assistant to get fast and accurate information about a closing without needing to get your title agents involved. Text messages are viewed as quick ways to get business done without spending time on the phone, so many clients appreciate communications via text.

Get Documents Signed Quickly

Sending an email is the most common way for title companies to send documents to clients. But when clients receive dozens or hundreds of other emails throughout the day, yours may get buried, and they might not see it right away. By sending a text message, you can remind your client about an email you sent. Or even better, send the documents securely via text message using a virtual closing assistant. With online forms, clients don’t have to print, scan, and fax the documents, so it’s one less thing they have to worry about throughout their busy day.

Provide Answers To Clients 24/7

When clients have a chance to think about their transaction that’s in progress, chances are they will have various questions. The problem is many of those questions arise after business hours when clients are at home in the evening. Instead of making them wait until the next morning to get their questions answered, you could have a virtual closing assistant answer most questions via text 24/7. A virtual closing assistant knows most answers to questions clients have, from general questions to specific file-based questions. And by getting these questions answered outside of normal business hours, title agents won’t have to take the time to answer them over the phone, and documents may be delivered and ready to process without delay.

Fast and accurate client communication is key to making real estate transactions go smoothly. Texting has become more common over the years, and when you combine it with a virtual closing assistant, you can create a smooth and efficient process from start to finish. Everyone from your title agents to clients and even real estate agents can benefit from a more streamlined method of communication. develops flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about how we can help you.


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