The Role of Automation in the Title Industry

The Role of Automation in the Title Industry

Title companies generally are behind the curve when it comes to implementing new technology. They often approach innovation and automation by thinking if it’s not broken, then there’s no need to fix anything. However, while your title company may be operating at a high capacity, there’s always room for improvement. Can you honestly say your title agents can provide real-time information to clients quickly, while still completing their other more complex tasks? This usually isn’t the case, especially during the busy times at the end of each month. The role of automation in the title industry is expanding, and we’ve discussed what a virtual closing assistant can do for your company.

Improve Efficiency

Many title companies don’t want to make room in their budget for a virtual closing assistant. But the truth is the cost of this type of automation essentially pays for itself over time when you think about the opportunity it provides title agents to work more efficiently. Instead of answering an abundance of phone calls throughout the day, the automated assistant can help clients. Phone calls can be very distracting and disrupt workflows significantly for title agents. By simply reducing them, title agents can focus on more complex jobs to help your business grow, while still having some peace of mind knowing your clients are being taken care of.

Streamline Communications

Effective communication is essential in the title industry. Clients and real estate agents need to know specific information immediately, and sometimes the information is needed after hours. With a virtual closing assistant, help is always available, and you won’t have to have any of your title agents on call. Clients and real estate agents simply text the virtual closing assistant with questions, and they can get a quick and accurate answer, no matter how specific the question is. Having to wait until the next day can mean delaying the closing or unnecessarily increasing the levels of stress around a particular closing. Automation provides a way to streamline communications to keep business flowing even when your title agents aren’t actively working.

Provide A Better Client Experience

Some clients don’t have time throughout the day to print, scan, and fax documents to you. This means they have to perform those tasks after hours, and if they have a question and can’t complete the documents until it’s answered, then the closing could be delayed as a result. By implementing automation with a virtual closing assistant, you can receive information from clients and real estate agents through online forms so the process is as convenient as possible for everyone involved. The quicker your title agents can get the information, the smoother they will be able to do their jobs and have everything ready to go on closing day. Every title company’s overall goal should be to provide a seamless and easy client experience, and it’s possible to achieve every time with a virtual closing assistant. develops highly flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about our service.


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