It’s Time to Throw Out Your Title Company’s Fax Machine and Bring in Online Forms

It's Time to Throw Out Your Title Company's Fax Machine and Bring in Online Forms

Does your title company still require clients to print out forms, fill them out in ink, and fax them back to you? This has been one of the most traditional and common ways title companies have operated over the years, but with the technology available today, fax machines aren’t necessary. A better customer experience, and one that your customers likely expect today, is to have them fill out the necessary forms online. Not only does this save time for your customers, but it also saves significant time from the daily tasks your title agents do. Online forms are a component of a virtual closing assistant, and here’s how it can help your company get rid of its fax machine for good.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

When a customer fills out their forms and faxes them back to you, the title agent must then fill in the information into their database. During the year’s busiest times, this could mean title agents spend hours doing tedious data entry when they could be working on more complex tasks. A better resource for your title company would be a virtual closing assistant that sends online forms for customers to fill out. 

How it works is you would send a text message to your customer with a secure link for them to access the forms. When they click the link, they can fill out the dynamic form and sign their name with their fingertip at the bottom. Once they press the submit button, you will receive the information into your title processing system without entering anything manually. Imagine what your title agents could be doing with all the time they are saving by not manually entering data all day.

Interact With Customers Digitally

Most customers are open to interacting with your title company digitally, so it’s something you should offer and make the norm. Emails are still acceptable, but text messages are often preferred over phone calls. You can create an online form for almost anything you need from your customer and send it to them via a link through text message. They are more likely to get the answers you need quickly as opposed to having to call you back when it’s a more convenient time for them.

Provide A Seamless Closing Experience

A title company may have perfected their procedures to allow for a smooth closing experience for every customer, but there’s usually room for improvements internally. Streamlining the process of sending and gathering information and documents from customers through online forms can save time for all parties involved. And most customers will be thrilled when they don’t have to find a printer, scanner, or fax machine since those items are not always readily available. Digitizing the steps leading up to closing day can go a long way in improving the overall customer experience, and a virtual closing assistant is the best method to achieve it. develops highly flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about our service.


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