Stop Making Your Clients Wait Around for Closing Cost Estimates

Stop Making Your Clients Wait Around for Closing Cost Estimates

One of the most common questions buyers and sellers have for real estate agents is what the closing costs will be for their transaction. For buyers, they want to know how much money they should be prepared to spend on the closing. And for sellers, they want to get an idea of how much the closing costs will cut into their profits. Real estate agents often don’t have this information readily available, so they rely on the title company to provide closing cost estimates. Since it’s such an important component of any real estate transaction, an answer is needed instantly. With a virtual closing assistant, you can provide the answer immediately without taking away time from your title agents.

Receive Nearly Instantaneous Cost Estimates

When you have a virtual closing assistant at your title company, clients and real estate agents can simply text you for closing cost estimates, and the information will be provided to them within a matter of seconds. The auto-generated form will be delivered via text and downloaded as a secure PDF document. Real estate agents love this ability of a virtual closing assistant since they can answer their client questions quickly and accurately and can even be sent directly to them for their records. Compare this to not having a virtual closing assistant, where the real estate agent would have to call your company, and you would have to search for the physical file and calculate closing cost estimates. Instant responses are almost always better than ones that take even a few minutes, especially when accuracy is equal.

Answer The Top Client Question Accurately

Accuracy of information is critical when working with clients and real estate agents. Human error will happen occasionally, but the more you eliminate the manual human work, the more accurate your answers can be. This is especially true when it comes to calculating closing cost estimates. With this in mind, a virtual closing assistant is an essential title company resource to ensure you provide accurate information to clients. It quickly provides answers and can do so without spending a lot of time searching through files and documents.

Boost Your Brand Reputation With A Virtual Closing Assistant

Imagine if every real estate agent in your marketplace used the virtual closing assistant you offer through your title company. An important goal for every real estate agent is to provide a seamless customer experience, and a virtual closing assistant does exactly that. It’s a perfect way to boost your brand reputation and set your company apart from all the rest in your area. Real estate agents particularly love it and will likely work with your company more since you can help them boost their reputation as well in the eyes of their clients. It’s a win-win situation for your title company, real estate agents, and clients, and can lead to more seamless and time-efficient closing experiences. develops innovative software for the title industry. Learn more about how we can help you succeed.


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