3 Qualities Real Estate Agents and Clients Want in the Closing Process

3 Qualities Real Estate Agents and Clients Want in the Closing Process

With so many moving parts and exchanges of information that happen throughout a closing process, it’s impressive every time it comes together seamlessly. Most of the time, the brunt of the work comes from the title company, so you have to ensure your systems and processes are efficient to create the best customer experience possible. It’s also valuable to understand what exactly real estate agents and clients expect from your title company so you can work to deliver it. A virtual closing assistant could be the answer to any concerns you have and can help you create a smooth closing process. Here are three qualities real estate agents and clients expect from your company.

Instant Information

Customers can get frustrated when they have to wait for title agents to get back to them. But the reality is when a title company doesn’t have the right resources in place, it’s not always possible to provide them with quick information that meets their expectations on timeliness. With a virtual closing assistant, you can provide them with the information instantly without having to answer the phone. Your client or real estate agent can simply interact with the virtual closing assistant via web chat or text, and most questions will be answered in seconds. 

Simple Communication

People generally don’t like making phone calls because they can be inconvenient and they might not have the time to step away in a quiet space to call. But if they can do a web chat or text you, they have much more flexibility to ask the questions they need to move the closing process forward. And the best part about using a virtual closing assistant is your customers don’t have to download an app, create a new account with a password, or anything else that takes up time. They simply send a text message as they would to anyone else and get their questions answered immediately.

Smooth Customer Experience

Every customer defines a smooth customer experience differently, but you can do your part as a title company by providing them with the resources they need to answer every question they have quickly. When customers have the answers they need, you will most likely have all the information needed to finalize closing documents efficiently. Customer delays can put unnecessary stress on title agents, but those delays could be because they don’t have access to a scanner or a fax machine to send you information. With a virtual closing assistant, many of the documents are handled digitally and the latest technology is used to create the smoothest customer experience possible.

Buyers and sellers often believe the real estate agent they work with drives the closing process, but the reality is the title company plays the biggest role. Since real estate agents rely so heavily on title companies, you have to be efficient to ensure the agents look good to their clients. When you’re able to deliver a seamless closing process, everyone benefits.

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