Title Agents Deserve a Break From Repetitive and Mundane Tasks

Automate IT - Title Agents Deserve a Break From Repetitive and Mundane Tasks

Have you ever heard your title agents say they have too much work to do and not enough time in the day to do it? This is a common concern title companies and agents have since it can lead to stress and potentially burnout during busy times of the year. But if you do an investigation into what takes up the most time from your title agents on any given day, you may realize you can offload some of the tasks. Hiring a virtual closing assistant is similar to hiring another full-time employee when you consider the amount of work it can take off your title agents’ plates. They deserve a break from repetitive and mundane tasks, and here’s how a virtual closing assistant can help.

What Tasks Take Up A Title Agent’s Time?

Many of the repetitive and mundane tasks that title agents do every day are often overlooked. Answering phone calls, responding to emails, and entering customer data manually are some of the most common jobs that take up a significant amount of time. While you may think these tasks are unavoidable, the truth is a virtual closing assistant can handle those tasks easily and free up some time for your agents to handle more complex tasks. Having to constantly answer the phone throughout the day can prevent title agents from getting into a rhythm with their work since they are frequently disrupted.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks With A Virtual Closing Assistant

One of the major benefits of a virtual closing assistant is the ability to reduce phone calls significantly. When customers and real estate agents can get the information they need by chatting or texting, they won’t have to bother your title agents by calling. And the great thing about a virtual closing assistant is it’s always available, so customers can text 24/7 and not have to wait until the next business day. 

The manual data entry aspect of a title agent’s job is arguably the most repetitive and boring one. With a virtual closing assistant, you can send forms to clients via text, and they can fill them out from their mobile devices and submit them. Upon submission, the data will be automatically uploaded into your title production system. No more having to wait for a return email or fax before typing out information manually into forms on your system.

Fulfill The Potential Of Title Agents And Grow Your Business

Your title agents have much more potential than simply entering data all day or fielding calls about questions that could easily be answered by a virtual closing assistant. When title agents have more time to focus on complex tasks, clients, and real estate agents, your company will benefit. Reducing repetitive and mundane tasks can be motivating as well since they will be more inspired to complete jobs that are more meaningful to them. Give your title agents a break and allow them to fulfill their potential by implementing a virtual closing assistant in your company.

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