The Ways Title Companies and Realtors Can Succeed Together

The Ways Title Companies and Realtors Can Succeed Together

Title companies and realtors typically spend a lot of time working together, so it only makes sense they want to know what it takes to build a good working relationship. However, with the right knowledge and the right tools, title companies and realtors can have much more than a typical working relationship – they can have a true partnership, enabling both of them to truly succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Even a title company resource, such as Alanna, can offer both parties tremendous benefits, giving them what they need to have lasting success when working together. Here, we’ll look at some of the things title companies and realtors can do to build truly functional partnerships – and how a title company resource such as Alanna can help them along the way.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Realtors and title officers alike know just how important it is to offer a quality customer experience. Customers matter, and you need to be able to give customers what they want when they ask for it. Alanna enables customers to ask questions on their own time, even outside of business hours, so they will always have the answers they need quickly. With Alanna, you can answer clients’ time-sensitive questions, whether they simply need to know when their appointment is or need information regarding their files. 

Realtors can be much more confident knowing they are working with a team that can offer themselves and their clients any information directly to their mobile phone or a chat window.

An Efficient Closing Process

This access to real-time information is incredibly valuable; helping make the closing process much more seamless. And there truly is a wealth of information available to everyone involved, from customers to realtors and agents. As a title company resource and a part of Alanna’s ability to help provide a more efficient closing process, the virtual closing assistant can manage various details, including closing cost estimates. With access to this kind of real-time information, which can be generated directly through text with no app necessary, everything can move along much more quickly.

Additionally, Alanna can help by eliminating the need for manual data entry, allowing you to easily gather information through the use of online forms. This can further help speed up the closing process, which can benefit everybody involved and further enhance the customer experience. The ability to keep track of everything also helps ensure you don’t hit any roadblocks along the way while still keeping up with all standards and regulations. As a title company resource, Alanna makes things much easier for everybody involved, whether it’s a customer seeking real-time information, a realtor seeking an estimate, or a title officer looking for a little extra help so they can take care of other tasks. 

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