How a Virtual Closing Assistant Can Help a Title Company Thrive

How a Virtual Closing Assistant Can Help a Title Company Thrive

Title companies often find themselves in a difficult position. They strive to be available as much as possible and strive for efficiency, but sometimes they can only be as efficient as their clients and real estate agents they work with are. The truth is everyone has busy lives and may not have time for a phone call throughout the day. With a virtual closing assistant, clients can chat or text the virtual assistant to have questions answered 24/7. As a result, your title company can eliminate a lot of the back-and-forth inquiries, and you can focus more on the complicated aspects of each closing. Here are just a few ways a virtual closing assistant can help your title company thrive.

Streamline More Effective Communications

One of the most valuable characteristics of a virtual closing assistant is the ability to streamline communications effectively. Many times a lack of communication or delays in communication can make the jobs of title agents more stressful. When clients have to wait until business hours to ask a simple question, it may lead to more questions and delay the process even further. But when they can chat or text with a virtual closing assistant, those questions can be answered at their convenience to streamline the entire closing process more effectively.

Generate Quick And Accurate Cost Estimates

Possibly the most common question clients and real estate agents have for title companies revolves around closing cost estimates. When a client calls your title company for this information, you may have to search for their file, ask a few questions, and calculate some numbers before providing the information. The value of a virtual closing assistant is the client can instead simply request cost estimates via text message. They will receive a detailed PDF document back outlining the closing cost estimates within a matter of seconds. The safe and secure platform makes it simple to share this important information with clients via text or email and keeps the closing process moving efficiently.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

If nothing else, a virtual closing assistant can relieve some stress and pressure from title agents. With online forms, clients will fill in their information into a document that’s integrated with your system. This eliminates the need for title agents to manually enter information they receive from clients via email, fax, or handwritten physical forms. Imagine the amount of time title agents spend entering this information daily. Then imagine what more complex tasks your title agents could be focusing on with the extra time they have. When those complex tasks receive more attention, you’ll reduce the chances of errors, can tighten up your internal workflow a little more, and make the overall closing process more efficient for everyone involved. Setting your title company apart from the competition is crucial in today’s fast-paced world, and a virtual closing assistant could be the resource you need to put your company over the top.

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