Start the New Year Off with a Virtual Closing Assistant

Start the New Year Off with a Virtual Closing Assistant

There’s always a lot to think about when kickstarting the new year. Perhaps one of the biggest goals any business owner should have in mind is how they can make things simpler and more efficient – for themselves, their employees, and even their customers. A virtual closing assistant for title companies such as Alanna can be one of the best ways to get the year started off right. 

Many title companies may already have heard about Alanna and some of the things she can do. From helping answer simple customer queries, allowing closers to reduce phone calls, and answering questions about customer files and documents, Alanna can do a lot to make things more productive for everyone involved. But Alanna can do much more than just this. Here, we’ll take a look at just how much Alanna can do as a virtual closing assistant for title companies and why Alanna might need to be a part of your new year’s resolution. 

How Alanna Can Help With Cost Estimates

Of all the questions getting tossed around in title companies, among the most common – and perhaps the most complex – are those related to closing cost estimates. At the end of the month, closers may end up bombarded with phone calls regarding closing costs, and title companies may feel as if they need additional people on hand just to answer questions related to closing cost estimates alone. 

This is where having Alanna to help out can really come in handy! Alanna has the ability to generate closing cost estimates for buyers, sellers, and even refinancers in just seconds. Additionally, these estimates can be formatted as a PDF file and sent directly to the customers once they’ve made their inquiry, either on location, via email, or via text. It’s really that simple! 

Mobile-Friendly and Secure

For closers looking to reduce phone calls, using Alanna is a big win for everyone involved. With this virtual closing assistant for title companies, the process of getting closing cost estimates is incredibly fast and efficient for everybody involved. Everything can be done through a mobile device, with a request for a closing cost estimate being made by way of a text. 

Once this is done, Alanna will send a link that is used to gather all of the necessary information to make the estimate. Any individual working with Alanna can also be certain any information shared with the virtual closing assistant is completely safe. Alanna uses a secure channel, so all information and any documents sent through the virtual closing assistant are kept entirely out of harm’s way. develops highly flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about our service.

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