2021 is the Year of the Virtual Closing Assistant

2021 is the Year of the Virtual Closing Assistant

There’s no reason the closing process has to be complex. This is why with 2020 drawing to a close and a new year dawning, it’s the perfect time to make a resolution to simplify the process with a virtual closing assistant such as Alanna! Alanna is a fast and accurate customer service resource for title companies. She can be there for you to help facilitate communication with your customers 24/7, directing customers to the information they need without making a phone call or sending an email. From quick and easy questions (such as where your office is located) to queries that may be a little more detailed, Alanna is always available, making it quicker and easier for customers to access the information they need. 

How Does Alanna Work?

Alanna can work in a couple of different ways. On your site, customers can communicate with the virtual closing assistant via web chat. However, they can also communicate by way of text message, though to do so, they’ll need to use their mobile number to verify their identity. This is so Alanna can be sure to safeguard any information shared, such as files or documents – another example of what makes Alanna fast and accurate!

When communicating with Alanna, a customer can ask a question – for example, “Where is your office located?” However, Alanna can also start a conversation with prompts. Some examples of prompts may include, “We have documents ready for your signature. When are you available to stop by?” From this point, the individual can carry on a conversation with Alanna, and it will continue in the chat session. 

At any point during their chat session, an individual can request to speak to a live agent by saying, “I need help” or “Get a Human.” This will direct them to a queue where they’ll briefly wait while an agent is notified to come to their assistance. Out with the old in 2020, and in with new ways in 2021 to ensure customers can always have access to the resources they need.

What Benefits Does Alanna Offer?

Having Alanna by your side gives you the ability to ensure you’re able to provide a high level of customer service while reducing the amount of time you spend with document requests and status requests, allowing you to focus on complex tasks. Additionally, because Alanna is always available, you can rely on this customer service resource to be there at any time to take care of individuals and their needs, even without increasing the number of staff required. 

Alanna is also unique in the visibility it provides, offering insight into what people are searching for when they come to the virtual closing assistant with their queries. Above all, it offers a competitive advantage as Alanna is always available to answer customer’s questions. Reduced frustrations among customers leads to happier customers overall, regardless of the source of a customer’s frustrations. As you ring in the new year, you can do so with a virtual closing assistant able to enhance communication and overall customer satisfaction.

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