3 Simple Ways a Virtual Closing Assistant Can Reduce Your Workload

Virtual Closing Assistant

Title companies rarely have slow times of the month or year. The normal speed title agents have to work at is fast, and then it gets faster as the end of the month approaches. Workloads can be overwhelming at times and can get to the point where you have to find ways to be efficient so you can continue providing a quality customer experience. The work still has to be done, but with a virtual closing assistant, some of the normal tasks you have to do can be taken off your plate. Here are some simple ways a virtual closing assistant can reduce some of the workloads from your title agents.

Reduce Phone Calls

Not many things are more distracting than having to answer phone calls throughout the day. Most of the time they are beneficial phone calls to keep the closing process moving for clients, but each call interrupts something else title agents may be doing. With a virtual closing assistant, clients and real estate agents can chat or text their questions and get answers quickly. They won’t need to make as many phone calls to your office as a result. When you can reduce phone calls throughout the day, title agents can feel more productive since they have fewer distractions throughout the day.

Assist Customers 24/7

One of the reasons why clients and real estate agents have to call title companies throughout the day is because they think of questions outside of working hours. With a virtual closing assistant, they can text their questions any time and you don’t have to have an employee available to answer them. Most questions can easily be answered by looking in the specific file, and the virtual closing assistant will essentially be linked to that file. Whether it’s a question about their closing date, closing costs, what documents they need to sign, or an abundance of other questions, your virtual closing assistant can help 24/7.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Gathering information from clients is difficult and time-consuming enough since they may not be able to talk on the phone during business hours. And then they may not be able to scan documents for you after filling them out. All of these factors lead to delays and more stress on title agents as the closing day nears. Working with a virtual assistant means clients and real estate agents can fill in information digitally, and it then gets uploaded into the database on your side. Think about all the hours spent manually entering information from clients, and then think about what you could work on if you didn’t have to do it. This is what a virtual closing assistant is all about.

Title agents work hard to deliver a great customer experience to clients and real estate agents. The good news is they can still deliver a great experience with a reduced workload when the right resources are provided to them and utilized.

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