Let a Virtual Closing Assistant do the Communicating For You

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Quick, smooth, and efficient communication are keys to a successful closing experience for everyone involved. With so many different ways to communicate with one another nowadays, it seems like it would be simple to keep in touch and provide timely responses. However, this is constantly proving to be more challenging than expected, as some people communicate better over the phone, via text message, or even email. A valuable title company resource may be a virtual closing assistant, which can handle a lot of the back-and-forth communications with clients for you.

Answers For Customers Are A Text Message Away

Clients expect to receive fast and accurate answers when they ask a question, regardless of what communication method they use. The problem with this is sometimes title agents aren’t always available to drop everything they are doing. This means having to call the client back and hoping they answer the first time. The convenience of communication isn’t as easy as it seems at times, but it is with a virtual closing assistant. Any time a client has a question, they simply send a text message and will get a fast and accurate answer. The best part about this is your title agents don’t have to take time away from the other tasks they are doing to provide the same answer a virtual closing assistant provides.

A Virtual Closing Assistant Is Always Available

Availability is another great benefit of a virtual closing assistant. You can’t expect your title agents to be always available after hours to answer questions. Doing so could lead to burnout and is not something anyone wants to happen. So when clients or real estate agents have a file-based or general question after-hours, they simply text the virtual closing assistant, and the answer will be provided to them. This is an essential title company resource since clients often think about questions in the evening and morning hours before and after work. Now they won’t have to wait to call you during business hours and can speed up the closing process simultaneously since a question may have been preventing them from moving forward with a particular step in the process.

Improve And Streamline Communications

When you’re trying to coordinate communications with clients, lenders, real estate agents, and other parties, it’s easy for lines to get crossed, duplicated, or overlooked. These are common reasons why closings get delayed or are unorganized, and it often falls on the shoulders of title companies. Get ahead of those potential concerns and improve and streamline communications with a virtual closing assistant. All parties involved in the closing can use the same resource to ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s like having everyone gathered around a table and talking about everything that needs to be accomplished, except it’s done virtually. With quick and effective communications, processes will run more smoothly and you can stay on schedule much easier.

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