The Top Virtual Closing Assistant Abilities Customers Are Raving About

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Title companies often get stuck in going through the same routine when it comes to closing processes. While there are plenty of benefits to being regimented, it can also mean certain processes may be stuck in the past when there are more efficient ways to accomplish the same tasks today. A valuable title company resource that benefits everyone involved with a closing transaction is a virtual closing assistant. Everyone wants to save time throughout the process, and that’s exactly what a virtual closing assistant is designed to do. Here are some of the aspects customers are raving about when they think about how valuable a virtual closing assistant is.

Streamlined Communication To Save Time

Title companies spend a lot of time on the phone, responding to emails, digging through client files, and entering data. These are things that can be automated and streamlined to make the jobs of title agents much easier. Clients usually have good intentions with every question they ask, but they are often redundant and seem like a waste of time for title agents. But when a client can text their question to a virtual closing assistant, they can get their answer quickly without pulling the title agent away from what they are doing. And if the customer asks a redundant question, they will get the appropriate answer from the virtual closing assistant again. Title companies have reported saving a significant number of labor hours since using a virtual closing assistant. Of course, the number of hours your company saves depends largely on the size of your company.

Providing Accurate Documents To Customers Securely

Another great feature title companies enjoy is the preparation, delivery, and execution of documents. The information can be sent to clients via text message with a link to access documents and fill in their information as needed. Once they submit the information, it’s uploaded into the title company’s system, which means no more having to enter data manually. This allows you to gather accurate information from the client that they can fill in and submit from their mobile device. The quicker you can get documents back, the more efficient the closing process will be.

Faster Response Times For A Greater Customer Experience

Creating an outstanding customer experience is one of the top priorities for every title company. You may have the best title agents working in your company, but they are still human and can’t respond to every inquiry quickly without sacrificing other aspects of their job. Clients can save time by sending a text message to the virtual closing assistant and getting a response within a matter of seconds. This leads to a great customer experience since they don’t have to wait to get the answer they need and can move forward with the process. develops highly flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about this tool today.