How Can Title Companies Win Business From Real Estate Agents?

Title Companies

Title companies have plenty of opportunities to win business from their competitors. Some of the things that differentiate one title company from the next are the relationships built with real estate agents, communication methods, proactive processes, and providing a streamlined customer experience. A real estate agent’s reputation is on the line with every transaction they work on, and title companies play a significant role in developing and maintaining that reputation. Here are some of the ways title companies can help make real estate agents look good and earn more business as a result.

Differentiate Your Abilities Compared To Other Companies

The role of every title company is similar, but some do a better job than others. The key to attracting real estate agents to your company is differentiating your abilities. For example, if you have a virtual closing assistant, back-and-forth communications don’t have to be as frequent, and customers and real estate agents alike can simply text questions and receive quick responses. We live in a digital world today, so if you still require documents to be printed, scanned, and faxed, you’ll likely be falling behind. Real estate agents have to cater to what customers want, and the more digital your processes are, the more business you’ll get in return.

Build A Foundation Of Great Relationships

Title companies have to be reliable for real estate agents to use them repeatedly. Building a solid foundation with any given real estate agent begins with communication. You have to be responsive to them so they can provide answers to their clients quickly. A virtual closing assistant is ideal for many reasons. It allows real estate agents to text file-based questions and get immediate responses. And it also lets your title agents have more time to finalize documents in preparation for closing day. Communication delays are minimized tremendously with a virtual closing assistant, which often leads to much greater communication.

Prioritize Creating A Stellar Customer Experience

A virtual closing assistant is an ideal customer experience resource every title company can benefit from. Real estate agents need to impress their customers daily to maintain good working relationships and earn business. And title companies have to go above and beyond to create the best possible customer experience to continue earning business as well. Keep everyone informed of developments you’re handling within your title company to get ahead of any questions agents or clients may have. When you are on top of every transaction and communicate clearly, the customer experience will be much greater.

Having streamlined processes is what separates good title companies from bad ones. If you feel like there are holes or voids in your process, a virtual closing assistant could be a valuable solution. It’s like hiring a full-time employee, but without having to train them. And the best part is they are always on the clock. With a virtual closing assistant, you’ll be on your way to earning more business from real estate agents. develops flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about how we can help you.