Protect Sensitive Data with 2FA Smart Forms

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Security is one of the most important things title companies should prioritize, but many overlook. With the busy days you have and shuffling stacks of paperwork, it’s too easy for information to get into the hands of the wrong person by mistake. While mistakes happen, clients and potential clients will be unforgiving, and your reputation could be ruined quickly. When you look at your existing title tech tools, what security measures are in place? Two-factor authentication is one of the best tools to keep sensitive information confidential, and here’s how Alanna incorporates it.

Nothing Is More Important Than Protecting Sensitive Information

Alanna understands the importance of confidentiality and protecting sensitive information. That’s why Alanna has recently obtained a SOC2 Certification to ensure the highest standards when it comes to protecting client information. With Alanna Smart Forms being customized for each client, it’s like having an assistant fill in available information before sending them to clients. But since the information is pre-populated, it’s critical to ensure the information does not get into the wrong hands. That’s where two-factor authentication enters the picture.

How Two-Factor Authentication Works

Two-factor authentication is one of the title tech tools every title company should invest in. It’s also referred to as multi-factor authentication. It’s designed to require individuals to authenticate themselves in two steps before they can view any information. When it comes to Alanna, the first step in the authentication process comes when the recipient receives the link to an Smart Form via email or text. This link is sent directly to the client’s contact information as it is entered into the title production system.

The second form of authentication is where Alanna’s title tech tools shine. Whoever clicks on the link to the Smart Form will need to enter their cell phone number. Then a code will be sent to them via text that they will need to enter to access the form. The cell phone number entered must match the cell phone listed in the title production system.

Alanna Is Dedicated To Helping Title Companies Protect Their Clients

Title companies can choose whether two-factor authentication should be a part of their closing process. Alanna offers the feature but provides flexibility for title companies as well. The importance of protecting client information has never been more critical. Upgrade your title tech tools to ensure your customers are protected with Alanna. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can increase the level of security of the internal processes at your title company.