Alanna: Now, SOC 2, Type II Certified!

Alanna SOC 2 Type II Certified

SOC 2, Type II Certification

We’re pleased to share with you that is now certified as a SOC2, Type II business! This is a big deal—especially at a time when cybercrime and fraud attempts are becoming increasingly common in our industry. The audit is also an extremely intensive process.  So it’s a big deal, for us, our clients and their clients, that we can now say Alanna meets one of the highest standards there is for data and financial protection.

So what exactly is a SOC 2, Type II designation?

The SOC 2, Type II certification is considered the elite standard for data security and financial controls in the mortgage and real estate industry. Established by The American Institute of Public Accountants, it is a widely accepted auditing measurement indicating robust controls in the protection of confidential data and financial information from known and emerging threats. These controls pertain to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.  To achieve the designation, underwent an extensive audit after which an independent accounting and auditing firm reported its processes, procedures and controls meet the standard.

Why does it matter to me?

The real estate transaction, with all of the paperwork, red tape and documentation required, and with the numerous, disparate professionals necessary to close a home loan, is a fertile source of valuable data for cyber criminals and fraudsters. It’s also an easy place to access large amounts of cash via deception. Every business and every professional involved in a mortgage transaction—even third party service providers—can prove to be an easy route to easy money for a savvy criminal. 

Alanna has access to quite a bit of sensitive information and data for the title agents who employ her. Her abilities to extract and sort data; speak in dozens of different languages or converse with clients require that she be able to, among other things, access the data in your production system and other technology. Even something as simple as a Social Security number is gold to cybercriminals. And while we have always made security our top priority here at, now, we can demonstrate that we meet the exacting standards of a SOC 2, Type II designation.

We’re already working on several exciting new developments for Alanna. You’ll be hearing about some of them this year. More than ever, Alanna will be the go-to employee for title agents facing fluctuating order counts and a demanding purchase market. Now, we can also demonstrate that we’re using the most robust security and controls to ensure that Alanna’s doing her part to maintain the security of your resources.