Proactive Text and Email Updates Keep Clients in the Loop

Conversational AI

Keeping clients informed of what’s going on with their real estate transactions is something most title companies can improve on. When you aren’t proactive with communicating, then chances are you’ll receive numerous emails and phone calls from clients checking on the status. The good news is with conversational AI, you can be more proactive without placing an extra burden on your staff. Here’s how it works.

Keep Closing Day At The Top Of Your Client’s Mind

Your clients have other daily responsibilities to handle, so you shouldn’t expect their closing day to be at the top of their minds. With the right title tech tools, though, it can be. Send them a text message reminding them to complete their documents by a certain day. Or just let them know that you’ve received certain documents and are moving forward to the next step. If they have a question about anything, they can get the answer with conversational AI.

Texting Is A Powerful Form Of Communication

Most clients prefer texting over any other form of communication. Phone calls require them to step outside of the office, which isn’t always easy. Emails can easily get buried with the dozens of other emails they receive, but they are still more effective than phone calls most of the time. A text message can be quickly read and responded to, if necessary. It’s a powerful form of communication that title companies should utilize more to keep their clients informed.

Think About What Clients Can Respond To Quickly

You should always put yourself in your client’s situation every time you reach out to them. If they can provide a quick response via text, they are more likely to do so compared to answering the phone immediately when you call. And also think about your staff. You would need to hire another assistant to write emails throughout the day compared to using title tech tools to send a text message. With conversational AI, the texting conversation can continue without needing human intervention from your team. If you’ve ever been thinking about how your team can work smarter instead of harder, conversational AI is the answer. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can help streamline your communication efforts to benefit both your clients and your staff.