How Alanna Smart Forms Work

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Sometimes the most stressful part of a title company employee’s job is collecting documents and information from buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. Many times constant reminders are required and forms aren’t received until the last minute. A great way to streamline the closing process and make document collection a breeze is to implement Alanna Smart Forms. Here’s how they work. 

Streamlined Delivery Of Smart Forms

When you upgrade your title technology to Alanna Smart Forms, each form will be sent via text or email as a unique URL based on the recipient. So if the recipient is a buyer, the Buyer Info Sheet Form will be provided as a link with all of the basic information pre-populated. Since Alanna is integrated with your title production system, a lot of the basic information like the person’s name and contact information can be pre-populated.

Smart Forms Keep The Closing Process On Schedule

When the recipient fills in the information and submits it, the forms will automatically upload into the title production system. At that point, a notification email is sent to the title company so they can take the next steps. This is essential in keeping the closing day on schedule so employees don’t have to constantly check whether forms have been returned.

Automated Reminders Remove Burdens From Title Company Employees

Alanna can be configured to send reminders on certain forms if needed. So if you don’t receive a particular form from a client during a certain timeframe, Alanna will automatically send them a reminder so you don’t have to. And when a reminder is sent, the client can ask questions if they have any and Alanna’s conversational AI abilities can provide the answer. 

Set Your Title Company Apart From The Competition With Alanna Smart Forms

Dynamic forms can set your title company apart since further questions can populate based on the answers clients provide. Forms can also be adjusted based on the type of client and the unique transaction. And when it comes to reminding clients, your employees can create specific outbound messages or include specific links before the reminder is sent. All of these features of Alanna Smart Forms are sure to set your title company apart from the competition and streamline your processes of gathering client information. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how Alanna Smart Forms can distinguish your title company from the rest of the competition.