Focus on Specifics When Marketing a Service-based Business



Anyone who runs a service-based business knows that quantifying those services for marketing purposes is far more difficult than quantifying the features and benefits of a physical product – for instance, a coffee machine or a baby stroller.

Title agents often tout their offerings as “customer-centric” or claim to “put our customers first” or say “customer service is our #1 priority.”

But what does that really mean? How exactly do you define the particulars of customer service for your prime customer – i.e., real estate agents or mortgage lenders– in ways that relate the experience of what it feels like to be treated to exemplary customer service?

Here are five things you can focus on in your marketing efforts that will best speak to what your real estate agents are looking for in their title company.


Because of the complexity of a real estate transaction, timely, informative, and consistent communication is one of the most critical components of customer service, according to real estate agents. In your marketing efforts, don’t just SAY you are great communicators, explain HOW you communicate – and, more importantly – how they will feel during the course of the transaction because of your efforts.

At Alanna, for instance, our solution proactively sends text messages to all parties in the transaction. As a title agent who employs the Alanna platform, you can market this important tool as a one of your processes that “answers questions in real time” or “reassures your clients step by step as the transaction moves forward” or “doesn’t keep you guessing – you know exactly what has been completed.”

Be specific in your marketing with all of your efforts to communicate, whether that is explaining the platforms you use or providing a single point of contact.

Personal Attention

Every transaction has unique aspects that must be addressed. Not every hiccup or roadblock can be worked out with a text or an email. Many issues that arise must be explained in more detail and require a phone conversation or face-to-face meeting. Real estate agents who have been burned by ineffective and impersonal communications in the past are going to welcome the assurance that you will take their call and listen to their issues or concerns. 

Include examples of the kinds of personal attention you offer in your marketing efforts.

Due diligence

Title agents know through experience the pitfalls that can happen in the course of finalizing a real estate transaction. You can be a great advisor and educator for your real estate agents by reminding them from the moment the contract hits your desk what you are going to need from them and their clients. This is especially important when it comes to requirements involving a divorce, probate, foreign sellers or power of attorney. 

In your marketing efforts, offer clear and concise guidelines about how you work with your clients to ensure a successful closing and reduce stress.


Real estate agents and their home buyers and sellers are always going to require education around the title, escrow and closing process, for instance explaining how to prevent wire fraud, or how the important work you do protects their ownership rights.

Highlighting the type of educational materials, you will be providing is yet another opportunity to enhance your marketing efforts

Acknowledge the (emotional) elephant in the room

Real estate transactions are highly technical and legal transactions, but for everyone involved, there is an emotional component. While you want to emphasize the skills you bring to the process, there should also be an awareness of what people are feeling in the process and an honest effort to acknowledge the emotional investment of your customers. 

Your marketing efforts can be crafted to address what you do to alleviate stress or how you share in and prepare for the jubilant moment of the closing.

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