Automate Info Sheets with Alanna Smart Forms

Smart Form

Collecting information from real estate agents, buyers, and sellers, can be a challenging process. But what makes it most challenging usually is having to print, scan, and fax forms. Then all of the data must be manually entered into your title production system. Alanna’s Smart Forms can be the updated title tech tools your company has needed for a long time. Here’s how you can automate information collection and keep closing days on schedule much easier.

Outdated Processes Can Delay Closing Day

If your title company still emails documents to clients for information gathering and their signatures, your title tech tools should be updated. These outdated processes can lead to delays when clients don’t have access to a printer or a scanner. And then you have to remind them about the documents and hope everything is filled out correctly when you receive them. This puts unnecessary stress on the staff of a title company when Alanna Smart Forms can easily remove this burden.

Customized Smart Forms Increase Efficiency

With Alanna’s customized Smart Forms, it’s like having an assistant generate new forms for every client. Alanna creates the specific form based on the information needed, including disclosures and agreements the recipient must acknowledge. Even more complex documents like Payoff Authorizations can be generated as a unique form to provide to the seller. This level of efficiency can make closing days much smoother.

Dynamic Forms Reduce Questions And Streamline Processes

Another benefit of Alanna Smart Forms is they are dynamic. Based on the responses provided by the recipient, the later questions are updated appropriately to streamline the questionnaire. So if a seller indicates there is a joint seller, they can simply select the option and a section will expand to allow them to input the additional seller’s information. Each form also includes a signature block where clients can use their mouse or finger to sign.

Alanna Smart Forms Are Unlike Any Other

With Alanna Smart Forms, you can easily send out forms with your company logo prominently displayed. You can control which fields you would like displayed for clients to fill out as well. Even information like the closer name and contact information can be populated, if desired. All of these title tech upgrades can save title companies time and money, which is difficult to do in the real estate industry today. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how you can boost efficiency and save money with Alanna Smart Forms.