Take Info Sheets Online and Never Look Back

Title tech

It’s part of a title company employee’s job to shuffle through stacks of papers daily. It has been that way for years, so why would anyone change now? This is what many title companies and employees say and think. But the truth is no one likes hunting down documents from clients and trying to keep dozens of papers in the right order. 

Upgrading your title tech tools to digitize this process brings many benefits. When your info sheets can be filled out in an online form and uploaded directly into your title production system, the results are game-changing. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when your info sheets are handled digitally.

How Alanna Can Eliminate The Need For Paper Forms

It’s virtually impossible to maximize efficiency when you have to shuffle through paper forms. Printing, mailing, scanning, and filing documents take a significant amount of time. Then you have to deal with clients misplacing documents and not realizing it until closing day. Alanna can eliminate these headaches by digitizing forms and making it easier for clients to fill them out. Clients simply receive a link to fill in the information you need. And when they submit it, the information is input directly into your database for handling. Now that’s a convenience you will realize you’ve been missing once you experience it!  

Online Forms Prove The Benefits Of A Digital Transformation

When title companies undergo a digital transformation, there’s naturally some hesitancy. Think about all the benefits of handling many of your forms online. Clients don’t have to worry about finding a scanner to email them back to you, which makes their lives easier. And you can reduce manual data entry significantly at the same time. Alanna is essentially the assistant you’ve always wanted, but could never find. Closing day is much easier to keep on schedule when processes are digitized, and Alanna helps every step of the way.

Wait Until You Receive Feedback From Clients About Online Forms

The benefits of upgrading title tech tools become very evident when clients provide feedback. Just like title company employees, clients don’t realize how much they appreciate digital experiences until they don’t have to shuffle through paperwork. It’s well worth the upgrade to Alanna just so you can provide your clients with an experience they enjoy.

Alanna.ai is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how easy it is to take your forms online with Alanna.