Multilingual Alanna is Here to Help

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Real estate agents and title companies have a diverse range of clients. You want to provide the same high level of service to every client, but language barriers can create difficulties. Hiring a translator won’t solve the problem in the long term because they don’t speak every language. However, when you have Alanna on your team, there are no language barriers and every closing will be smooth. Here’s how the multilingual abilities of Alanna can help your team.

No More Dealing With Communication Barriers

Communication issues are common among title companies. This issue escalates when a language barrier is present. With Alanna’s conversational AI abilities, customers can communicate via web chat or text. Alanna can detect the particular language your client uses and respond accordingly in the same language. When the message gets relayed to your staff, it will be in English or the language they prefer. No having to check Google translate or downloading an app on your phone to translate certain words or phrases. Alanna takes care of it all.

Who Else Can Speak 54 Different Languages?

What may surprise some people is that Alanna can speak 54 different languages. These cover the most prominent languages throughout the United States, so there is a very small chance you won’t be able to communicate with a foreign-language speaker. The title tech tools Alanna brings to the table make the closing process simple. And the translation ability allows your employees to type a message in English and it gets relayed to your customer in French, Spanish, or whichever primary language they speak. Communicating with a non-native speaker has never been easier, and it’s one of the many benefits Alanna brings to the table for title companies. 

Alanna Translation Can Keep Closing Day On Schedule

Your title company employees likely never thought they would be able to use conversational AI to talk to a foreign-language speaker seamlessly. That’s the power of Alanna. Title companies shouldn’t have to pass on business just because they can’t communicate with a potential client. With Alanna’s translation services, every client gets the same level of service and closing day can remain on schedule. And when the flow of communication is seamless, everyone can be on the same page throughout the process. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can remove the communication barriers within your title company with her translation skills.