Proactive, Automated Transaction Outreach Reduces Workload

Conversational AI

How do you define effective communication? Many people think face-to-face is the best way to communicate, but the reality is this doesn’t happen often in the title industry. Phone calls and emails usually don’t get the job done efficiently either since immediate answers rarely occur. The emergence of conversational AI has turned heads in the title industry in recent years. Not only does it streamline communication, but it also allows title companies to be proactive and automated in their outreach, which saves time and reduces workloads. Let us explain.

How Do You Reach Out To Clients?

When evaluating the processes within your title company, it’s important to consider how you reach out to clients. Most companies do this via phone or email. But have you considered texting clients? This is one of the most preferred forms of communication nowadays and it gives you a better chance of receiving responses quickly. With Alanna, not only can you easily text clients, but you can schedule automated reminders to be sent, if needed. And with Alanna’s conversational AI abilities, clients can ask virtually any questions about their closing and receive the answers they need.

The Problem With Delays In Communication

When you aren’t proactive with your outreach to clients, delays can occur. Sometimes clients can’t be available until after business hours, which can be very inconvenient. And if you don’t get an answer until the next business day, the closing schedule becomes much tighter. Think about how much more efficient your employees could be if they received the information they need from clients on the same day. They could then focus on other tasks, prevent further delays, and make the entire closing process smoother. 

24/7 Availability Can Keep Closing Day On Schedule

No title company can have employees on call 24/7 to handle client communications. But when you have the right title tech tools in place, you can appear to be available around the clock. Alanna never sleeps and is ready to answer any client questions when they arise. Sometimes clients think about questions in the middle of the night, but have to wait until the next day to call you and get the answer. Having Alanna available 24/7 allows clients to get the answers to their questions anytime so they have all the information they need to complete documents. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can reduce the workload in your title company by helping you be more proactive.