The Most Important Aspects of Client Communication in the Title Business

The Most Important Aspects of Client Communication in the Title Business

Client Communication

We all know how important client communication is for every business. But if you don’t focus on why it is important, you may be missing the boat.

Good client communication should establish a relationship firmly rooted in trust. You want your clients to know that you have their back, that you have their best interests at heart, and that you want to be a partner in their success.

In the title insurance business, good client communication can be a game changer – if you focus on the two aspects of communication that are the most critical: education and updates.

Explaining the Role of Title and Escrow

The complexity of the real estate transaction, the security threats that surround it, and the painstaking effort it takes to bring the transaction to a close is a total and complete mystery to most homebuyers and sellers. There is nothing more important than sharing this information with the client at the outset, but also as part of your ongoing communications with them.

Having a plan helps.

Think through each step of your interactions with your homebuyers and sellers to identify what information you need to share at every juncture. Your goal should be to educate them but also to build their confidence and trust that you are handling the details of the transaction effectively.

It is a challenge to think about the title, escrow and closing process from a layman’s point of view when you have been immersed in the industry for a decade or a two. Getting into the weeds when explaining the process is probably not helpful. But you can prepare materials that lay out the process step by step using simplified explanations and visual representations of the how the transaction will progress through to close.

Keeping Them in the Loop

While it may be business as usual for you when handling a transaction, it’s a time of stress and sleepless nights for homebuyers and sellers.

We can’t emphasize strongly enough how important patience, empathy and a sincere ability to listen is when communicating with your homebuyers and sellers, as well as your real estate agent and lender clients.

But don’t wait for them to reach out to you! The best way to pre-empt questions, concerns and uncertainties is to have a plan in place to regularly update everyone in the transaction as you move through the paces. This can be done in a fun and reassuring way! As each piece is completed a celebratory update can go a long way to making everyone feel confident that things are moving forward.

Sometimes it may feel overwhelming to manage a running list of communications with your clients. But that’s what Alanna does best! One of the most versatile members of your team, Alanna not only keeps your clients in the loop on standard things like closing dates or what to bring to the settlement table. She also brings the conversation to them, answering their questions or seeking out missing information from them, allowing other employees to take on the most complex tasks or push the transaction on to closing. Contact us today to learn more.