Collect and Process Information in Record Time

Title technology

When you think about all of the moving parts happening during a real estate closing, it’s amazing to see how it all comes together. But when you evaluate communications, data collection and everything in between, how would you rate your efficiency? Many companies don’t have the right title technology in place to be as efficient as possible. Your company can change that with Alanna.

Virtually Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Entering data manually is time-consuming and increases the risk of errors. But information has to be collected and entered into your title production system, so there’s no other option, right? With Alanna, you can minimize manual data entry to help your employees focus on other tasks. Clients can input information via a secure link you send them, which gets uploaded directly into your title production system. Simply review the information for completeness and continue with the closing process!

Reduce Email Transmissions Significantly

Email as the primary form of communication among title companies, clients, real estate agents, and lenders can be problematic at times. People don’t check their email regularly because they get so many throughout the day. With Alanna, you can utilize conversational AI to collect and disseminate information quickly. This will reduce the number of emails your team receives and ensure information is collected and processed quickly and efficiently.

Stop Hunting Down Paperwork

Does it seem like you constantly have to follow-up with clients to collect information? And then when you receive it, sometimes pages can be missing and delay the closing process. You can end your paperwork hunt when you upgrade to Alanna’s title technology. Virtually all information is processed digitally to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Digital Signatures Make For A Smooth Closing Process

When you work with Alanna, clients can provide information with their digital signature to make for a smooth closing process. Alanna’s online forms are easy to read and use, and the best part is they can be completed from anywhere. So if your clients only have time late at night when they are laying in bed, they can simply open the link you provide them on their phone and complete the forms directly. The more convenient the process is for clients, the easier the work will be for your title company employees. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how you can improve the methods of collecting and processing information at your title company.