Client Experience – a Top Priority


Creating the best possible experience for your clients is an essential part of a title company’s role today. So what makes your company stand out from a client experience standpoint? It should start with enhancing your communication efforts, which likely depends on the title tech tools you use. The goal is to ensure your clients always have a pleasant and stress-free experience when working with you. Here are some things to think about when you want to make a positive client experience your top priority.

Do You Know What Your Clients Need?

Understanding what your clients need might take some time. Whether you work primarily with buyers or sellers, or real estate agents or lenders, it’s important to understand every group has unique needs. Identify challenges you run into throughout the closing process and make note of some potential solutions. Many times communication breakdowns are to blame for issues, and the good news is those breakdowns are easily fixable with the right title tech tools.

What Adjustments Can You Make To Enhance The Client Experience?

Adding an emphasis on streamlining communication typically solves a wide range of problems you might have encountered with your overall client experience. Implementing conversational AI tools can prevent communication breakdowns, delays, and so much more. If you think about it, clients often have questions after business hours when they are at home. What if they could send a text message to get the answer right away instead of waiting until the next business day? That’s the power of conversational AI and how it can make the closing process much smoother.

Clients Appreciate Flexibility And Your Title Company Will Too

The term flexibility can have different meanings. When it comes to your clients, flexibility means providing them with information when they need it…even when it’s not convenient. The right title tech tools provide this flexibility without needing your employees to work long hours to be available for client calls. A simple question like  “What time is my closing,” doesn’t require a human to answer. And with Alanna’s conversational AI abilities, more specific file-based questions can also be answered.

Understanding client needs, making adjustments, and being flexible all lead to a better client experience. And when a single solution like Alanna can achieve all three, what do you have to lose? is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how you can enhance the client experience in your organization by utilizing Alanna’s skills.