How to Improve Communication With Clients

How to Improve Communication With Clients

In the title industry, a number of things can prolong the closing of a piece of property. The real estate agent may not get the appropriate paperwork to the buyer in time or an oversight could lead to an error on an important document. Most of the time these issues can be avoided with a strong line of communication between all parties.

For title companies, facilitating a good communication process will lead to a stellar business reputation and future growth. Unfortunately, this can be hard to accomplish in such a fast-paced industry. However, there are some easy ways to improve your communication with clients. Let’s go over three.

Providing a Platform for Communication

For a title company, one of the best ways to streamline communication is to provide a centralized platform all parties can use. Many organizations have started using an AI-powered virtual closing assistant for this. This tool provides clients with a direct line to the title company they can access day or night. Buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders can interact with the virtual closing assistant via chat or text to get answers to their questions regarding an upcoming closing. A huge benefit of using this tool is that it doesn’t stop working when the title company’s office closes for the day. Clients can turn to it 24/7, which means questions don’t have to wait for answers. This helps
ensure a closing stays on schedule and all parties remain on the same page during the process.

Keeping the Client Informed

The home buying and selling process can be complicated. Buyers, sellers, and even real estate agents tend to have a lot of questions when a closing is drawing near. For a title company, the more informed their clients are, the smoother the process. This means providing access to all essential documents and answering clients’ questions as soon as they arise. With an AI-powered virtual closing assistant in place, this is much easier for everyone. Clients can get access to secure documents via the virtual closing assistant and communicate with the title company from their desktop or mobile devices. If the virtual closing assistant can’t answer a client’s question, a live title agent can jump in to clear up any confusion.

Improve Day-to-Day Workflow

If a title company’s agents are stretched too thin, communication is bound to fall short. This typically happens when agents must complete menial tasks like returning emails about simple matters or answering the phone. The best way to solve this problem is by allowing a virtual closing assistant to automate tasks. For example, title agents can turn to an AI-powered virtual closing assistant to quickly get closing cost estimates for their clients. They can also look at the conversation history between a client and the virtual closing assistant to ensure nothing has been overlooked and the client has everything they need. By eliminating repetitive and menial tasks, a virtual closing assistant allows title agents to make themselves more available for complex issues and questions.

Improve Communication at Your Title Company Today

Don’t let poor communication lead to client churn and a stained business reputation. Incorporate an AI-powered virtual closing assistant and provide a level of customer service your clients deserve. develops flexible software for the title industry. To learn more, request a demo today.