Want to improve communication with your customers? Hire a listener!

Listening Customer Service - alanna

There are few industries that require as much information sharing as the title insurance industry. The communication web between buyer, real estate agent, seller, lender, title company, escrow officer is a superhighway of exchanges from the time a buyer makes an offer until the deal is closed.

Title agents often hold the key to successfully navigating the communications in these complicated transactions because at the end of the day, most of the responsibility for tying together all of the information rests with them.

And while the emphasis is often on pushing information out to the participants, including explaining what is needed to consummate the deal, or gathering documents and funds to put together the closing package, it is equally imperative to listen to what your customers are saying.

Here’s why.

Attentive listening prevents roadblocks

When a real estate agent calls in an order because there is a potential glitch, like a divorce is in progress or a power of attorney is in play or a participant is in another country, it’s time to go into attentive listening mode.

In complicated situations like these, you need to slow down and make sure you understand the ramifications of what the agent is telling you. Asking questions about the circumstances, listening carefully to what the real estate agent is proposing to address the situation will help you better understand where you can be of assistance.

Active listening builds relationships

Sometimes your client may simply be trying to process a difficult buyer/seller situation with you. Active listening involves a certain amount of mindfulness, so when you are suddenly confronted with a distraught client, clearing your mind of any distractions will help you focus on their situation.

Most importantly, start by focusing your attention on what is being said without jumping in to try to fix the problem. Delving deeper into the situation with questions that show you are genuinely interested and sincere in wanting to understand the conflict or problem will help your client more effectively process what the best next steps might be. 

Clients who truly felt listened to will remember the thoughtfulness with which you approached the conversation, and this can build a tremendous trust over time.

Consistent listening feeds improvement 

Over time, consistently listening to your clients teaches you what they need from you. For instance, after getting a few thousand calls from nervous buyers about an upcoming closing, you now understand exactly what your buyers need to know and how they need to be reassured in the process.

Of course, title firms using Alanna know that Alanna herself can carry on relatively complex conversations, allowing more time for their employees to handle the extremely complex or unusual situations. Alanna can also proactively send text messages with status updates or walk your customers through the title, escrow and closing process.

What you learn by listening can also help you craft your post-closing marketing campaign messages through Alanna to ensure you are messaging your clients in ways that are most meaningful to their experience.

From answering general or file specific questions, to collecting and processing buyer and seller information, Alanna is on the job 24/7 for your clients. Call us today to learn more!