Reduce Busy Work and Increase Productivity with Alanna

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Ask any employee in your title company how their workload is and there’s a good chance they will say they are plenty busy. But what exactly does “busy” mean? There’s a fine line between busy answering the phone and being busy working on meaningful projects. Without the right title tech tools, your employees could be spending more time on busy work rather than work that helps grow your clientele. Alanna can help increase productivity while reducing the amount of busy work for your staff.

Less Phone Time Can Boost Productivity

There’s a sense of satisfaction when you get off the phone after helping a pleased client. But when the phone is constantly ringing, your talented staff can’t maximize their abilities to their fullest potential. Alanna uses conversational AI to give your clients a different primary form of communication. So instead of clients calling your office to get answers to file-based questions, they can text or chat online with Alanna. 

The best part about Alanna’s conversational AI abilities is that clients can ask any specific questions they have since Alanna is tied to your title production system. So instead of your employees having to dig through files to find answers, Alanna has them ready to go when a client texts.

Increase Work Capacity Without Adding Stress

Title company managers want to prevent employee burnout at all costs. Sometimes employees can get tired of the mundane and tedious work, but if you give them additional work, then it becomes too stressful. Alanna balances this by allowing your staff to increase their work capacity without adding stress. You would be surprised at how much extra time they have to do more complicated tasks when they don’t have to worry about the phone ringing or answering emails. And when you allow them to stretch their minds and have more fulfilling days at work, you’ll reduce the risk of burnout. 

Allow Employees to Stretch Their Skills

Every closing day is unique no matter how streamlined your processes are. When you use Alanna’s title tech tools, what used to take three days might now only take a few hours. This extra time allows your employees to stretch their skills and provide more meaningful input on how your company can operate more efficiently. When your internal operations are as smooth as can be, your customer service will naturally improve. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can reduce busy work and increase productivity in your organization.