Embrace and Experience Alanna in 2022

title technology

The New Year always provides a great opportunity to review things that worked well in the past and improve on the things that might not have worked as well. Many title companies are fearful of change because they don’t want to leave what has worked for them for so many years, even if they know some of their processes are outdated and inefficient. Upgrading your title technology and incorporating more conversational AI is something to consider embracing and experiencing in 2022. Alanna is here to help you make this change seamless.

Change Is Never Easy, But Sometimes Necessary

There are plenty of people and companies who say they will never change because they don’t want to fix something that’s not broken. However, the time to make a positive change isn’t when something breaks. You should consider improving your company’s processes that work well, while also fixing some realized issues at the same time. Alanna can help by incorporating conversational AI to interact with clients and REALTORS, as well as save a lot of your employees’ time. Changing your title technology won’t come without growing pains, but it will be well worth the upgrade in the long run.

Why Effective Title Technology Is Essential Today

With the title technology available today, title companies shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time on the phone, answering emails, shuffling through paper documents, or doing other tedious tasks. Instead, updating title technology can mean shifting to online forms integrated into your title production system so very little manual data entry has to occur. The real estate industry is more competitive than it has ever been and it likely won’t change for the foreseeable future, so staying on top of technology is essential for staying on top of your competition.

Embrace New Technology And Reach Your Goals In 2022

Every company should set business goals to achieve, and individual employees should set their own goals as well. Embracing new technology is easy to do when it’s as simple to use as Alanna. It’s like having your own assistant at your fingertips who doesn’t need any training and works around the clock. No matter what your goals are for 2022, Alanna is readily available to help you achieve them all.

Alanna.ai is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how Alanna can help you become comfortable with new technology and exceed your goals.