Stop Making Your Clients Guess Their Closing Cost and Have Them Ask Alanna Instead

closing cost

One of the most common questions clients have about their closing is what the closing costs will be. This number can change due to various factors, so they need to be provided with the exact amount once it becomes set in stone. Otherwise, clients may guess and bring the incorrect amount to closing day, creating unnecessary delays. Alanna can prevent this from happening by allowing clients to use her conversational AI feature and get quick and accurate answers 24/7.

Accuracy Is Critical With Closing Cost Estimates

We all know the dollar amount on the check clients bring to closing has to match the amount on the closing documents. Otherwise, there will be delays and frustration among different parties. In many cases, this reflects poorly on the title company for not providing the client the right amount to bring for their closing costs. Before closing day, Alanna can text clients the final amount to bring to closing. And if a client has any questions, they can simply text Alanna and get accurate answers quickly.

Clients Need To Know Exact Costs Quickly

You never know what a client has to go through to get the money needed for closing. They could be relying on a bank to process a check for them, which could take a day or two. That’s why Alanna’s advanced title tech tools are so critical. Clients can text Alanna while they are in line at the bank and receive an immediate answer about the closing costs. This is difficult to do if they have to call your title company. Of course, you will do what you can to help them immediately, but it’s virtually impossible to provide an answer as quickly as Alanna can.

Deliver Cost Estimates In Easily-Readable Formats

Title companies need to make information as clear as possible for clients. While title agents and employees are familiar with forms and know where to look for information, clients don’t. That’s why Alanna delivers clear and easy-to-read documents in PDF format you can share with them on-site, or they can download forms via email or text. When information is delivered clearly and accurately, you’ll eliminate questions. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can improve accuracy in your title company and help keep closing day on schedule.