Alanna is the Answer to Accessibility and Quickness for REALTORS

Conversational AI

REALTORS play a huge role in any real estate closing process. Not only do title companies and lenders need information from REALTORS, but the REALTORS also rely on title companies to be proactive about providing them closing documents. Clients always have questions about certain things, and most of the time they will ask those questions to their REALTOR because they are most familiar with them. Many times they will then need to ask the title company, so you have to be ready to answer their questions timely to create a great experience. Alanna can help.

Be Available 24/7 For REALTORS

REALTORS are so busy that they don’t always have time to ask questions during normal business hours. This can put some additional stress on them and the closing process when they have to wait until the next day to ask questions. But with Alanna’s conversational AI ability, they can text 24/7 to get the answers they need. And if they need access to a closing document, Alanna can provide it to them as well. The 24/7 availability helps REALTORS stay on track around their busy schedule.

REALTORS Are Essential In Creating A Smooth Closing Day

Title companies want to make closing day as smooth as possible, so that means they have to ensure REALTORS are taken care of throughout the process. Open lines of communication are essential, and Alanna can ensure the typical struggles with communication are alleviated. Both title companies and REALTORS strive to be as efficient as possible, and when you have Alanna as your assistant, you can do it without lifting a finger in certain situations.

Alanna Can Help Your Title Company Work With REALTORS Easier

REALTORS appreciate working with title companies that are efficient in everything they do. And since REALTORS often play a big role in choosing a title company to work with for a particular closing, it’s important for you to cater to them so you can possibly earn more business in the future. When working with one another is simple and streamlined, it’s better for everyone involved since they can do their jobs more efficiently. Alanna is the answer to provide this accessibility, quickness, and efficiency. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can improve your business relationships with REALTORS.