The Small But Significant Abilities of Alanna

Conversational AI

The employees in your title company have various responsibilities that might require communicating with clients, lenders, or real estate agents. This can bring some unique challenges when an Escrow Officer calls a client and doesn’t receive an answer. Then when the client calls back, you have to put them on hold while you find the Escrow Officer, and both of your workflows are disrupted as a result. Communication like this is common within a title company, but with the right title tech tools, you can streamline the process significantly.

Anyone In Your Title Company Can Text A Client

Alanna is more than just a conversational AI tool. She can give anyone in your title company the ability to send a text to a client, lender, or real estate agent, and it will come from the same phone number no matter who sends it. So then when the other party responds, the right person in your company will see it and can take care of it without anyone else getting involved. It’s a much more effective way to keep closing day on schedule and your employees more efficient with their work.

Get Valuable Feedback From Clients Easily

Gathering feedback from everyone involved in the closing is valuable for your future work. But with the other transactions you’re working on, it’s hard to find the time to call or email clients to gather feedback. This is another simple, yet effective, ability Alanna has to help your company. She can send a text to ask things like “how was your closing experience?” Or “would you recommend our services to family or friends?” This is valuable feedback Alanna can capture for you so you can make improvements to your processes.

Alanna’s Small Abilities Can Make A Big Impact

Alanna might seem like a simple title tech tool, but the impacts she can make on your entire company become more evident as you work with her. And not only will your title company employees appreciate her abilities, but clients, lenders, and real estate agents will as well. Everyone should look for ways to improve their company, and Alanna can be the tool to help yours. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how her small abilities can make a major impact on your company.