Alanna Introduces How You Can Have a Real Two-Way Conversation Without a Human

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Most title companies have to upgrade their title technology at some point to ensure they can offer the best possible service to clients. In many instances, improving communications is the first thing title companies look to streamline. This can involve hiring a new title agent specifically to handle incoming phone calls and emails or making outbound calls to keep clients and REALTORS informed about the progress of closing. With Alanna, you can have two-way conversations without hiring a new person. Here’s how it’s possible.

Alanna Doesn’t Need Help Having A Conversation

Whether it’s texting or web chatting, most technology requires a person on each end of the communication channel. However, Alanna is not like most technology. With conversational AI, Alanna can have a conversation with a person on the other end via web chat or text and you don’t need a human from your title company to make it work. And the best part about Alanna is she doesn’t need any training and is available to your clients 24/7.

Text Or Chat With Your Clients Without Lifting A Finger

Every title agent in your organization likely has several job responsibilities, and one of them is likely communicating with clients. With Alanna, title agents can focus on other more complex tasks to keep things organized and on schedule, while still ensuring client questions get answered timely. It’s one of the most effective title technology tools for title companies since it improves workflow without having to jump through hoops.

Answer Real-Time Questions For Clients

Plenty of chat bots you might have used are programmed with answers to frequently asked questions, which often don’t solve a customer’s problem. Alanna can answer real-time questions that are valuable to clients and REALTORS. If a client needs to know how much money to bring to closing, Alanna can tell them. If a REALTOR needs to confirm the time and date of closing, Alanna can help them out. These are all questions your title company would receive in a phone call and take your title agent away from their other task, but not anymore with Alanna. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how you can improve communications with your clients today.