Alanna Helps Closers Focus on What’s Important by Answering the Easy Questions

Conversational AI

Clients often have a lot of questions about their upcoming closing. The good news is most of the questions asked have simple answers. The problem is your employees have to stop what they are doing to answer the phone, find the file, and provide the right answers. Even if this only takes ten minutes to do, six phone calls throughout the day equates to spending a full hour looking up client files. That’s five hours per week that could be spent on plenty of other important tasks. Alanna can solve this problem with her conversational AI abilities and still give your clients the answers they need.

Simply Text Alanna For Quick Answers

Your clients can text Alanna any time they have a question. Since Alanna is integrated into your title production system, the answer will be accurate. She can provide answers to some of the most common questions clients ask such as what time their closing is, the location of their closing, how much money they should bring to closing, and many more. You can save your employees and your customers a lot of time by having Alanna answer these questions quickly and accurately via text message.

Accurate Cost Estimates Delivered In Seconds

Clients also tend to check and double-check the cost estimates all the way up to closing day. They can do this easily when they text Alanna. The information will be taken from your title production system and put together in a clean PDF file that’s sent back to your client almost instantaneously. No more having to use pen and paper and a calculator to deliver accurate closing costs to your clients.

Answer Any File-Based Questions 24/7

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an assistant to answer client questions 24/7? That’s exactly what Alanna does for title companies. Many times, clients will come up with questions in the evening and have to wait until the next business day to get the answer. This can delay the closing process by at least a full day if they need to wait on a response before filling out a form. But when they can text Alanna in the wee hours of the night and get a response, then they can proceed with their part and your employees will be ready to move forward the next day. is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can make your title company employees more efficient at their jobs.