What Kind of Customer Experience Does Your Title Company Create?

Conversational AI

As a title company, creating a stellar customer experience should be at the top of your priority list. Sometimes this means deviating from your normal way of doing things if a particular customer doesn’t respond well to how you handle something. The goal is to create as little friction in the closing process with your customers as possible. Many times, this comes down to incorporating the right title technology to ensure there are no issues or delays throughout the process. Here are a few ways Alanna can help improve the customer experience you provide to all your customers, including REALTORS.

Good Customer Experience Starts With The First Contact

First impressions mean everything no matter what industry you’re in. And depending on the type of client you’re working with, handing them a stack of papers to fill out isn’t the ideal start to developing a good business relationship. Instead, asking them for their phone number so Alanna can send them a link to fill out online forms is much more attractive. Being digitally savvy earns title companies a lot of points with clients today, especially the younger generations.

Knowing Your Audience Is Crucial To Create A Great Experience

Striking a balance between sticking to your processes and catering to your clients is important. Some clients might not want to handle a single piece of physical paper, while others shiver at the thought of utilizing your title technology. You have to be flexible in this regard and understand the needs of your clients. In most cases, you can still use Alanna to your advantage when clients see how conversational AI works and the benefits associated with using it.

The Customer Experience Begins And Ends With Effective Communication

When you truly boil it down, effective communication with clients is the key to a successful customer experience. And this goes both ways. You have to be responsive to them or they will become frustrated. And you want them to respond to you quickly or you might get anxious that closing day won’t go very smoothly. Alanna can bridge this gap with her conversational AI abilities and ensure communication is a priority in every real estate transaction. This type of effective communication will not only create a satisfied customer, but you will also increase your chances of earning referrals. And at the end of a successful closing, Alanna can send out a feedback form so you’ll know exactly where you can improve in the future.

Alanna.ai is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how Alanna can improve the customer experience you deliver to customers.