The Why Behind a Virtual Closing Assistant Chat Feature

The Why Behind a Virtual Closing Assistant Chat Feature

When the closing process on a home starts heating up, the title company becomes an integral part of the process. Most of the time home buyers will direct questions to the real estate agent they’ve been working with, but then the real estate agent may have to turn around and ask the title company for the answer. This process can take up valuable time and resources when your agents could be working on other complex tasks. A virtual closing assistant is an important title company resource since it can streamline questions through one platform, and clients can even ask them directly. Title companies are sometimes hesitant to change, but we’ve explained why implementing a virtual closing assistant chat feature can be the change needed to grow.

Assist Home Buyers With Accurate Cost Estimates

Home buyers want to know exactly what they have to pay in any real estate transaction. Digging up paperwork, calculating numbers and double-checking them to provide accurate estimates can be extremely time-consuming. A virtual closing assistant can do this work for title company agents. The home buyer can send a text message to the virtual assistant with their question, and they’ll receive a response with a link to provide the information needed. Cost estimates can be shared with the home buyer or real estate agent via email or text and downloaded in a clean, easy-to-understand PDF document in a matter of seconds.

Answer Questions 24/7

New home buyers often have a lot on their minds as they approach their closing date. Instead of holding their list of questions from the evening or the weekend until the next business day, they can simply text the virtual closing assistant 24/7 and likely have their question answered. By knowing the answers to their questions before the next business day, title companies can move forward to the next steps more quickly and have a smoother closing. The 24/7 availability gives home buyers peace of mind and reduces some burdens from real estate and title company agents, so it’s beneficial for everyone involved.

Access Closing Documents Quickly And Securely

Whether it’s providing simple cost estimates or documents with confidential and sensitive personal information, security is a top priority for a virtual closing assistant. A company’s reputation is on the line if any sensitive information gets lost or mishandled, but having everything available digitally and transmitted through a secure channel reduces risk and provides peace of mind for title companies. Being able to securely provide home buyers with closing documents ahead of their closing date gives them more time to review them at home, which saves time on the closing date. 

Automate Communications And Document Transmissions Today

Business has taken on a more widespread digital approach in recent years. If your title company is still stuck shuffling through stacks of papers and organizing large file cabinets, it’s time to look into automation. Automating communications and document transmissions via a virtual closing assistant can directly improve workflows and promote business growth at the same time. develops highly flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about our service.

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