Round-the-Clock Availability is a Game Changer for the Title Industry

Round the Clock Availability is a Game Changer for the Title Industry Alanna

Title Industry 

So many components of the title industry are time-sensitive. If things like a title search, home inspection, or initial escrow statement get held up, it can delay the entire process. A title company is an integral part of most of the steps associated with a closing. That’s why it’s so important for buyers, sellers, lenders, and real estate agents to be able to get ahold of them whenever they need something. 

Of course, it’s impossible for a title office to stay open 24/7. That’s why many title companies are beginning to use technology to offer round-the-clock availability. This service can give organizations an edge over their competition. Let’s break down why this approach is a game-changer in the title industry and how a virtual assistant can help. 

A Smoother Closing Process 

A real estate closing is highly detailed and complex. All sorts of information must get to the right people on time and deadlines must be met by all parties. Often, a buyer, seller, or real estate agent thinks of a question or needs crucial information when a title office is closed. Having to wait for the title company to open will only slow things down. However, with a virtual closing assistant in place, anyone can reach out to the title company and have a dynamic interaction. Obtaining simple information like the title office’s hours of operation or asking complex questions regarding the closing is made easy on a 24/7 basis. 

Client Satisfaction is Key 

Consumers have high standards with regard to service when doing business with organizations. This is even true of home buyers, sellers, or real estate agents working with a title company. Failing to provide a good client experience can lead to a poor closing process and ultimately stain your business reputation. This is why virtual closing assistants are becoming more and more common in the title industry. These tools provide fast and accurate service around the clock. A title company’s clients also have the option of interacting with a virtual assistant via their mobile devices, which adds another level of convenience.   

Improve Closing Agents’ Performance 

A closing agent has a tough job. They have the responsibility of overseeing the closing process and ensuring it moves along smoothly. They can’t do this effectively if they’re dealing with menial, repetitive tasks all day. However, if a virtual closing assistant is providing 24/7 availability, a lot of the pressure is off the agents. Clients can go directly to the virtual assistant for answers to their questions and get the closing documents they need. This allows closing agents to focus on the complex tasks that require their expertise instead of answering phone calls and sending emails. 

Start Providing 24/7 Availability to Your Clients 

Don’t limit client access to your services only during hours of operation. Gain an edge on your competition by implementing a virtual assistant that works around the clock every day of the week. develops highly flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about this tool today.


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