Take Your Clients’ Pain Point Away With Alanna

alanna can solve your client's paint points

A key attribute every title company needs to have is effective communication. However, with so many different forms of communication and each client preferring a different one, streamlining your processes can be a challenge. When title agencies don’t communicate clearly and effectively with clients, they can grow more frustrated and you could see a negative impact on your bottom line. It’s a well-documented pain point in the title industry, but some title companies don’t know what options they have. Alanna is effective title technology to help streamline communication and eliminate the most common pain points your clients experience.

Why Communication Is A Pain Point For Clients

A title agent has to understand when communication frustrations are building in clients. What might be considered effective communication by one client might not be acceptable for another. For example, some clients are ok with you calling them back to answer the questions they have. Others might find that to be poor customer service and demand that they receive the answer immediately. Catering to each client’s needs can be challenging, but Alanna can solve the problem.

Alanna Solves Many Common Challenges

The role conversational AI plays in eliminating the communication challenges in a real estate transaction can’t be overlooked. Clients, real estate agents, and lenders often have the same frustrations with title companies, which is not having effective communication. Alanna is more than just an assistant and can answer more complex questions since the title technology is integrated into your title production system. Clients can text or chat with Alanna to get the answers they need immediately and at any time, day or night. The result is happier clients and title agents who don’t have as much stress put on them any given day.

Make Complex Interactions Simple

The difference between conversational AI and a chatbot is clients can get more in-depth answers rather than just surface-level responses. Alanna can have complex interactions with clients and provide them the answers they need, even if multiple questions are asked. The complex interactions with clients can build their confidence and make them trust Alanna more with every answer. When you implement Alanna, you’ll have happy clients with fewer pain points in no time.

Alanna.ai develops highly flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about this tool today.