Cottrell Title & Escrow Receives a Whopping 7% Spike in Positive Consumer Reviews Overnight Using’s Groundbreaking Text Marketing Service - Title Company Software - AI

Utilizing, a new, impressive communication tool that’s making headway in the real estate industry, Cottrell Title & Escrow was able to launch their recent marketing campaign immediately and effectively, garnering an unprecedented reception and praise from consumers.

Naples, FL. 5/19/21

As the technology boom continues across all industries worldwide, it’s no secret short message services and automated communication have been the slowest tools to advance. Plagued by slow response times, ineffective spam-like messaging, unhelpful chat options, and inadequate answers, it’s no wonder people have been turned off by AI chats; until now. is quickly emerging as the pioneering service in artificial intelligence, ditching pesky, wonky chat boxes and replacing template responses with more personalized, authentic human dialogue, making frustrating robot exchanges a thing of the past. Created as a virtual closing assistant to streamline inter-party communication in the real estate industry between real estate agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers, Cottrell Title & Escrow fully capitalized on’s capabilities to spearhead a successful marketing campaign.

Cottrell Title & Escrow’s Marketing Campaign

Cottrell Title & Escrow’s latest marketing campaign “Leave a Review, Have a Brew” was launched using, providing instant communication via text messaging to reach and engage with Buyers and Sellers who recently Closed with Cottrell, and the results were absolutely mind-blowing. Overnight, Cottrell Title & Escrow saw their positive reviews increase by 7% as Buyers and Sellers flocked to leave feedback, commending their closing experience and the efficiency of their communication.’s impact was immediate, as the campaign was launched effortlessly within minutes, by filtering and importing the campaign contacts directly from the Resware title production software.

“There has never been a quick and easy way to initiate a targeted text message campaign from the closing data that lives in our title production software. I was able to drill down and import hundreds of contacts in seconds which paid off with an amazing night of positive reviews for our company.”

Said James P. Schlimmer, Managing Partner of Cottrell Title & Escrow.

When asked about and its potential, Hoyt Mann, President of had this to say:

“We’ve come a long way since the nascent stages of artificial intelligence communication, and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to develop. No longer will AI be relegated to chat bots, no, we’re dedicated to providing instant, intelligent communication for our clients, and we’ve only tapped the surface of our potential.”

The future for appears to be limitless, and as consumers continue to opt for immediacy and communication convenience, it’s obvious this artificial intelligence service will take the real estate industry by storm and play an integral role in the progress towards curating the ultimate closing experience.

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