Simple and Complex Client Interactions Made Easy

Conversational AI

Sometimes people have a negative perception when it comes to conversational AI. However, their negative experiences are usually from chatbots that don’t provide much help. Alanna is much different and she takes her skills to the next level. Not only can she answer basic questions your clients have, but she can also answer some complex ones. The benefits are wide-reaching and here is what you can expect.

Real-Time Cost Estimates When Clients Need Them

One of the most common questions clients have revolves around closing cost estimates. It’s an important question that can change frequently throughout the process, so it’s a valid one to ask. With Alanna, clients won’t have to call or email you to get an answer. Alanna is like an assistant who clients can text to receive much of the information needed in a closing. And since Alanna is tied to your title production system, every answer will include real-time information.

Easily Input Information Into Your Title Production System With Digital Forms

Clients might have questions about what information they need to provide in the forms you provide. First off, when you implement Alanna’s title tech tools, the forms will be digital. And when clients are unsure about a particular section, they can simply text Alanna to get the answer. This is better than the normal way of doing things, which requires waiting until the next business day to call your office, which can ultimately delay the closing. And even better, it frees up your staff to work on other tasks since they don’t have to spend time shuffling through papers to answer questions.

Alanna Is Ready For A Conversation 24/7

Whether it’s a simple question about cost estimates or a more specific file-based question, Alanna is ready to answer 24/7 with her conversational AI abilities. Depending on how the conversation is going, she might even ask some follow-up questions to seek clarification or to provide further information about the transaction. This level of thoroughness is impressive in the eyes of clients. And it’s particularly convenient that clients can text Alanna at any time, even when they think about a question in the middle of the night! is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how Alanna can improve your client communications to create a better overall experience for clients and your staff.