Alanna Streamlines Communication Between REALTORS, Lenders, and Title Companies

Conversational AI

As a title company, your employees have several lines of communication that must be open at all times. And when you have multiple closings in process at the same time, the number of phone numbers and email addresses you have to keep up with can be a little overwhelming. Implementing Alanna’s conversational AI skills into your processes can streamline communication effectively. Whether you need to reach out to REALTORS, lenders, or clients, Alanna has you covered. Here are some ways Alanna can help your title company streamline communication.

Why Do Miscommunications Happen?

Miscommunication happens for various reasons. Title company employees can get so busy that they leave out important details in their phone calls or emails. And sometimes REALTORS might think they provided you with the information needed, but they didn’t. When you upgrade your title technology and take advantage of Alanna, these miscommunications won’t happen. Information is presented clearly, responses occur quickly, and documents or correspondence can be reviewed instantly.

Streamline Communication With Real-Time Information

No one has time to wait 24-48 hours to get information about their closing. Real-time information is essential and that’s exactly what Alanna brings to the table. Since Alanna is tied to your title production system, specific questions can receive specific answers. And REALTORS, lenders, and clients won’t have to wait to get those answers. From closing cost estimates to appointment dates and anything in between, Alanna provides nearly instantaneous answers. And when all parties involved in a closing can utilize Alanna, communication will be streamlined to the maximum.

Alanna Offers 24/7 Availability For All Parties

Instantaneous responses are nice, but around-the-clock availability might be even better. The good news is Alanna can do both. Oftentimes a client, REALTOR, or lender will think of a question or just needs one piece of information after hours. Instead of having to wait until the next business day to call or send an email, they can simply text Alanna. Alanna is always online and available to answer any inquiries. Communications will never get crossed and everyone involved in a closing can get the information they need when it’s most convenient for them. Now that’s how you can make a great impression and earn more future business! is the developer of the title industry’s only conversational AI technology capable of holding complex conversations with clients via SMS text or web chat. Learn more about how she can streamline your communication efforts with REALTORS, lenders, and clients to create more seamless closings.