Cost Estimates

Providing a few pieces of information, Alanna can leverage your closing system to generate buyer/seller closing cost estimates.

ai texting to title companies

Mobile Friendly

Request a cost estimate via text. Alanna sends a link to gather the information required to generate the estimate.

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Quick Generation

Cost Estimates for buyers, sellers, and refinances can be generated in a matter of seconds and can be downloaded as PDF files.

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Easy Share

Alanna delivers cost estimates in PDF format which can quickly be shown to clients on location or sent via email and shared via text.

Why Alanna?

In the past, when the end of the month comes around - everyone scrambles - and most title companies could use 3 or 4 extra Closers to answer business critical questions. Alanna is here to help, by offloading easy questions and let your Closers focus on what matters most.