The Benefits of Real-Time Closing Information

The Benefits of Real-Time Closing Information

Title companies should always be looking for ways to gain a competitive edge. One of the best ways to achieve this is by providing real-time information quickly to lenders, real estate agents and home buyers when the information is requested. However, this usually isn’t possible if your company is stuck in the past and title agents have to sort through stacks of files and papers to provide a quick answer. 

When you use the technology resources available to you, the information can be relayed quickly and sometimes without any human interaction. The result is higher levels of customer satisfaction, quicker closings and more efficient work processes for your company. Here are some of the ways your title company can benefit from having real-time information available at your fingertips.

Send Documents To The Home Buyer To Review In Advance

When you integrate a virtual closing assistant into your processes, you can upload all closing documents through a secure channel for a home buyer’s review. This can reduce some stress on the home buyer, as they have more time to read the documents as thoroughly as they want and think about questions to ask. If questions arise, they can ask through the virtual closing assistant via text message or web chat and receive their answer immediately. When they have the information needed, home buyers can sign documents and bring them for a quick review by your title agent on closing day.

Provide Accurate Information Immediately

Having access to real-time information is important for home buyers and they rely on title agents and real estate agents to provide it to them. When you utilize a virtual closing assistant, home buyers can have their questions answered 24/7 so they don’t have to wait until the next business day. This unique experience enhances customer satisfaction and gives them peace of mind at the same time.

Allow Title Agents To Focus On Complex Tasks

Aside from the customer satisfaction aspect of using technology to provide real-time information, it also frees up the time of title agents to focus on more complex tasks. When a title agent is constantly having to answer the phone, respond to emails and look through client files, they can easily get behind on their other work. The more that can be handled virtually, the fewer distractions you will have at your title company and the more productive your agents can be.

Serve Your Clients The Right Way With A Virtual Closing Assistant

We live in a world today where immediacy is often demanded. For title companies, the resources are available with a virtual closing assistant to provide exactly what clients need to satisfy their desire for real-time information immediately. Plus, you’ll experience the benefits of more streamlined workflows and set your company apart from the competition. Incorporate a virtual closing assistant today and see how quickly you’ll experience these benefits and more. develops highly flexible software for the title industry. Learn more about this tool today.